Cause & Effect Model:
Health -> Happiness -> Harmony

Creatam believes that having a sound health is not an accident but a conscious choice. It is a combination of life style we practice, food we eat and environmental conditions we live in. Creatam makes an honest attempt to address all three components by:

    • Life-style: providing new research health information, articles and having experts to address your specific individual needs.

    • Food & drinks: Providing high quality purest natural eatables & liquid products.

    • Environment: Encouraging having the local Creatam Chapters or clubs to take initiatives in maintaining and improving the local ecological system. It can be as simple as:

      1. Coming to plantation in the right season once in a year,

      2. Taking the responsibility of few trees,

      3. Involving young generation, passing your knowledge & education.

Good health brings happiness. It is very difficult to be happy when you are not healthy. And you can never make people around you happy if you yourself are not happy. Happiness again is the combination of health, attitude and positive social network. The by-product of being happy is to be constructive and in that process becoming wealthy and successful.

The product of healthy, happy & successful individuals, families and communities is harmony. Harmony is an effect and we can focus on right causes, we are sure to have desired results. Being in harmony with inner self with true knowledge brings bliss. Being in harmony with your family brings joy. And being in harmony with every other human brings the peace on this wonderful beautiful planet.

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